Save hundreds on top-of-the-line Marvel and DC collectibles during Sideshow’s awesome sale

particle for direct object Terrible sale Available now at Sideshow Collectibles and there are some In a terrible way Great deals are available on a wide variety of 6th scale figures, collectible figurines, and fine art prints. You can save 25-30% on a bunch of products in the Sideshow store. All you have to do is use the promo code Treatment 25 Or Treatment 30 When you check out, you’ll get a big discount on qualifying purchases.

Some of the highlights include dozens of figures from Hot Toys, the Hong Kong-based toymaker that has an uncanny knack for making realistic figures based on video game and movie characters. In the list below, there are some great ones Iron Man Midas suit Which is basically a giant Mark VII in pure gold iron patriot The armor that was last seen fighting Thanos’ army in Avengers: Endgame and Sonar clothes The Caped Crusader version is straight out of Batman Forever.

Another great collection here is this Tony Stark suit shape, which lets you replay that scene from Iron Man 2 when the billionaire donned his Mark V armor. It’s a fairly accurate set of pieces that you can apply while Stark is in his best racing suit, and it looks amazing once all the pieces are on him. Then there is Iron Strangemerging Doctor Strange and Iron Man, new version Loki That you don’t want to leave any Hulk near, and The Batmobile from Batman Begins. Yes, it comes in black.

Besides the statue, there’s a lot to appreciate here, as there are several PCS, Iron Studios, and high-end collectibles from Prime Studio 1 for sale. Some of these figurines usually cost over $1,000 at the time of release, so saving around $250 on them is a great deal.

Finally, one of the more affordable options here are fine art prints. Sideshow Collectibles regularly collaborates with world-renowned artists to produce pure pop culture eye candy to hang on your wall, and if you’re shopping for gifts in the run-up to the holiday season, these make for some thoughtful gifts. You can choose from several X-Men, Batman, The Simpsons, and Korean pop mega-group prints below, some of which are already framed. Or you can (probably not) use Skeletor’s power with this Replica staff in real size

For the items below, we’ve listed them at our current prices, but the discount will automatically apply when you click the link and add them to your cart.

Selling side collections

Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures


The Mandalorian and Grogo
The Mandalorian and Grogo

Art prints

Batman: Unmask the Truth by Bill SinkiewiczBatman: Unmask the Truth by Bill Sinkiewicz
Batman: Unmask the Truth by Bill Sinkiewicz

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