Save just $130 on the game with today’s Pokemon Classic Trading Card

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Now on sale at its lowest price. At Best Buy, you can pick up the deluxe collectible set for $270, down from $400. This deal is only available tonight, April 5th, until 10pm PT / 1am ET. This nostalgic throwback to the original 151 Pokemon released late last year. It features three 60-card decks, a premium game board, and everything else you need to play TCG in style. If Best Buy sells out or the deal expires, you can get the set for $290 Amazon Or Walmart.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

$270 (400 dollars)


The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic set includes three 60-card decks featuring the first partner Pokemon inspired by the Pokemon TCG Base Set and several other iconic cards from the game’s history. Charizard, Blastoise and Venosaur come as shiny foil cards. In addition to vintage favorites, six new cards are also included. Fans can expect previous versions of Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh to headline these new releases.

In addition, the set also comes with a folding two-player game board, stackable damage counter cones, two sets of status indicators, and a toolbox that stores everything conveniently.

If you don’t want to drop nearly $300 on some Pokemon cards, there are other interesting options for the 151 original Gen 1 Pokemon. You can take it Super premium collection, which comes with a 16-pack of boosters, $90 at Walmart (reduced from $120). You can also choose Elite Trainer box for $53 Alternatively, you can check on Amazon Collection of Pokemon celebrationswhich features some of the original card art, along with Pikachu’s 25th anniversary logo stamped on each.

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