The Pokémon Pocket app fixes a decades-old bug

screen shot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku I have seen thousands of cases pokemon cards in my time, and I had become so sensitive to the error in almost all US cards that I had forgotten it. If you have ever seen an American pokemon Card, you know that behind each of the artistic features […]

Nintendo Switch 2 Delayed to Fight Retailers, Report Says

Image: nintendo If it sounds like you’ve heard a lot about it Nintendo Switch 2 Lately it’s because you have. Over the past month or so, the proverbial information about the expected follow-up to the Nintendo Switch has apparently leaked out, including that the console has been released. It was postponed until 2025 and news […]

How to take down chargers, striders and more

screen shot: Arrowhead Games / Kotaku A random player and I are surrounded by giant, alien bugs that want to rip our guts out and eat our bones. We are trying to destroy their nest, which is located in a rocky crater on some backwater alien planet. Low on ammo, no health items, and not […]

Xbox’s biggest surprise hit is coming to Switch 2 in 2023: report

Image: Tango Gameworks Xbox recently announced this The four older titles will be multi-platformand finally the details of which games will be Made the jump earlier this week. including games Hi-Fi Rushthe surprising rhythm action game from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks that It came out of nowhere early last year. However, when Hi-Fi Rush Confirmed […]

Tales Of Arise is the headliner for February on Xbox Game Pass

Image: Bandai Namco Studio Microsoft has announced the final set of games which will be closed to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in February. The category offers titles in a variety of genres, from anime RPGs to open-world shark adventures and sports simulators. As usual, there’s a little something for everyone. Highlights from The Game Awards […]

The upcoming PS5, Helldivers 2 Love, and more from this week

Image: Kotaku/Oli (Stock shutter) Last week, thanks to Final Fantasy VII Revitalization demo, some old video game discourse has returned and overtaken social media: the use of Yellow color to mark some objects or edges in the game. All it took was –viral tweet From Cloud climbing some yellow rocks in the new demo and […]

A Little To Left On Game Pass is a puzzle with cozy moods

screen shot: hidden mode One of the best things about video games is that they can act as a form of wish fulfillment for the player. save the world, go to spaceOr Use the power of dragons. But one of the most recent additions to the game pass It offers one of my favorite wishes: […]

PlayStation 5 is on the verge of a quiet year

If you are wondering what Sony is doing after its latest version Presentation of game status It didn’t have much in the way of first person games, there seems to be a reason for that. It looks like the PlayStation 5 will be in short supply in 2024 First person games Over the next year, […]

How Valkyrae went from Gamestop to Hollywood

Rachel Hofstetter always wants to do more. With four million active subscribers Youtubestreamer known as Valkyrie Since starting in 2015, she has become one of the top female creators in gaming. Viewers can’t get enough of his bubbly personality and antics, devouring his trash-talking streams. Brave or deceiver in between us. His online popularity has […]

Xbox exclusive chaos and more from the week’s biggest gaming news

screen shot: Bethesda, Microsoft, Rocksteady / WB game, Picture: Kotaku / Apple / Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB (Stock shutter), Jeff Spicer (Getty Images), Image: Xbox / Kotaku / lassedesignen (Stock shutter), Paramount+ / 343 Industries, Bethesda, Sega, io9/James Whitbrook This week was especially notable for gaming news, as reports suggested that Xbox exclusives are being loved Starfield […]