A killer combat trick the game won’t tell you

screen shot: Square Enix / Kotaku Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s Combat is very little speed except for hacking and slashing. Each character in your party has their own play style, strengths and weaknesses, and you make them your own by customizing the build of each hero. Various materials. However, there is one universal trick that […]

Prince of Persia, TLOU, and more from Games of the Week

screen shot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku After playing Pokemon Scarlet And PurpleI can definitely say that I was often disappointed The hidden treasure of Zone Zero DLC. Don’t get me wrong, the episode “Mochi Mayhem” is an hour of silly fun with some of the best characters to grace the game’s Paldea region, but […]

All the best fan remakes, from Lego to Roblox

GTA 6 trailer but on ROBLOX! Every time I see the gameplay roblox I have the same reaction: Is this how the game is supposed to be? Do people play this? Is it popular? Are you all just trolling me? And, yes, I had that reaction once again watching this trailer, but shout out to […]

Our top predictions for Pokémon Gen 10

screen shot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku Projects like Netflix’s new stop-motion series Pokemon doorman Resonate with people because most of us just want to have a good time with the weird little guys we store in Poké Balls—we don’t just want to be Pokémon champions. Scarlett And Purple Come up with cool ideas, like […]

Alex Jones, Yakuza, and more from the best games of the week

Gamers are a passionate bunch and we are no exception. These are the week’s most interesting insights into the wild, wonderful and sometimes weird world of video game news. Games of the week: pocket monsters and simulated goats This popular travel trophy is the new rare Pokemon card If you tried to go to your […]

These are very popular games that you can’t stand

Picture: GBJSTOCK (Stock shutter) we asked And you answered some games and franchises, no matter how popular they are, just don’t appeal to some of us, and we wanted to know which ones just don’t click with you. While some responses were expected (like me), many people didn’t get along Dark soul), others surprised me […]

The winners of the Steam Awards 2023 are very confusing

The results of Steam Awards 2023 Every year, Steam turns to the community to vote for the best games of the year in a wide variety of categories. This year we saw the RPG game of Larian Studio Balder’s Gate 3 Catch the game of the year, while Deadly companya first-person co-op horror game, It […]

A look at the year in games

Image: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku pokemonThe profit margin probably doesn’t reflect that, but the franchise had a rough year in 2023. Without a new main role-playing game to dominate the series’ headlines, instead, Pikachu and his friends have been mired in controversy for the past 12 years. Months. Among pokemon go Infuriating sections of […]

The Week In Gaming News: Christmas miracles, awesome memes

Picture: Valve / Kotaku / Roman Samborski (Stock shutter) A Steam user had a question on Christmas Eve: How do you get just one measly Steam Point? They were at 68,999 and wanted to get to 69,000 because, you know, that’s a good number and all that. However, due to the way Steam points are […]

The best PC and console shooters of 2023

2023 was another good year for fans of shooty-shooty-bang-bang video games. while The golden age of shooters may be waning As the year comes to an end, we’ve still received some great stuff over the past 12 months, both in the first-person and third-person genres. This Modern Warfare 3 gameplay has a weak Spices Up […]