Sega was accused of retaliating against the union with mass firings

Sega of America workers say the publisher is behind persona, yakuzaand more popular game franchises are trying to outdo them In retaliation for the alliance. A new unfair labor practice lawsuit filed by the Communications Workers of America accuses Sega of forcing employees to attend a meeting where they were told their jobs would be […]

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come with Bodacious Beach Bod

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It won’t be released until early next year, but it has been rated and reviewed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) before the game’s release. The teen-rated RPG appears to have a “bold beach texture.” The question is: Who is moving that body? Three things we learned from the Final […]

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth could launch a Wild Zack twist

Despite what Square Enix’s creative team would have us think, fate and destiny probably still play an important role in the game. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and beyond Even if the soldier zack fer It appears that he escaped death and joined the rest of the cast in a new timeline, the most likely outcome […]

Modern Warfare 3 Devs worked nights and weekends to ship the sequel

Image: Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIThe single-player campaign was panned by critics when it was released on November 2. Low scores And said that it feels short, rushed and incomplete. now Bloomberg reports That game was over in a hurry in half time call of duty Finally, with programmers working nights and weekends […]

Hitman Devs had to convince Bond owners that the game was not an FPS

Image: Nintendo / Eon Productions / Rare We’ve known IO Interactive for a while now, the studio behind the scenes extraordinaire hitman Games, Working on a new one James Bond Play. And while that team looks like a whole new race Relationship, discipline It seems that this game is too late, according to IOI, the […]

38 years ago, Nintendo changed pop culture forever

In the early 1980s, video games were mostly relegated to coin-operated arcade machines, but their growing popularity time magazine The story of Vol in January 1982 with a dire warning: “GRONK! FLASH! ZAP! Video games are taking the world by storm!” What you need to know about Mario Strikers’ big free update If this sounds […]

Microsoft employees will lose free Game Pass benefits next year

UPDATE 03/11/2023 6:20 PM ET: threshold reports Xbox boss Phil Spencer has reversed his decision to end free Game Pass Ultimate access for Microsoft’s non-Xbox employees. Spencer wrote in an internal memo: After reviewing this further with the team, I just want to confirm that there will be no changes to Game Pass availability in […]

Adidas is selling Miles Morales’ ‘Worst’ Spider-Man 2 suit

Miles Morales has a lot going for him Stylish new suits at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, one of Miles’ new costumes has been pretty much tarred and stuffed online for being one of his worst superhero looks. Someone probably should have tipped Adidas off, because now the sportswear company is selling the much-maligned suit at […]

Destiny’s 2 Big Final Shape Expansion and Marathon were both delayed

Image: bungee In addition to one An unspecified number of job cuts, Fate 2 Developer Bungie has also faced delays. Bloomberg reports which is a sci-fi shooter MMO The final shape The spread has been reduced from February to June, with future extraction shooters marathon It was postponed until 2025. Diablo IV – Bear Bender […]

Controversial streamer Nickmercs will put gambling on the cake

Controversial streamer Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff recently announced a $10 million deal with Twitch competitor Kick, and it seems that although he It used to beg for LGBTQIA people In order to “leave the children alone”, he does not worry about teaching children how to gamble. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Combos Air makes me […]