A day before the studio was shut down after the launch of “Scam”

particle for direct object Epic full of drama Behind one of Steam’s most anticipated games in 2023, it took its strangest turn yet. The day before Developer Fntastic has announced it will shut down less than a week after allegations of massive bait-and-switch scams came to light. The last of usLooking for a survival game.

“Today, we are announcing the closure of Fntastic Studios.” began a statement The studio tweeted on December 11. “Unfortunately, The day before It has failed financially and we don’t have the funds to continue. All revenues received are used to pay off debt to our partners.

Fntastic wrote that it worked “tirelessly for five years” on the shooter without ever charging players through early access, pre-orders or crowdfunding. While the future of The day before And other online games of this studio are “unknown”, apparently the servers will be active for now.

The statement continued: “If we did not meet your expectations, we apologize. We did everything we could, but unfortunately we miscalculated our abilities. “Making games is an incredibly challenging endeavor.”

While minimizing their losses, Fntastic also appears to be denying responsibility The current chaos around The day before. One of Steam’s most popular games earlier this year, players flocked to the relatively unknown version, which had over 400,000 viewers on Twitch and 30,000 concurrent players on PC on its first day of live streaming.

What they quickly discovered, however, was that the Unreal Engine game that flashed in the trailers wasn’t the zombie survival MMO it was originally marketed to be, but rather a buggy and rather empty shooter. The $40 version received thousands of Steam reviews with players calling it a “scam”, complaining of server issues and broken levels, and many submitting refund requests.

Throw a flash in the pan, that went The day before With a “mostly negative” rating, months of debate followed about the game’s authenticity. After the charges Exploitation of voluntary workmisleading fans with stolen trailers and asset flips, and a legal dispute that saw the game temporarily pulled from Steam amid numerous delays, players began to question whether The day before It was all smoke and mirrors, maybe it would be better if it was.

Last week, Fntastic dismissed speculation questioning its integrity and motivations, criticizing those who “didn’t believe in us”. To our future player who will enter this game on December 7th: We made this for you to enjoy the game and make it a celebration. Studio wrote In a statement at that time, we will continue to improve the game and add content together.

Just four days later, that seems no longer the case.

UPDATE 12/11/2023 5:53 PM ET: The Day Before has been removed from Steam.

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