Save just $130 on the game with today’s Pokemon Classic Trading Card

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Now on sale at its lowest price. At Best Buy, you can pick up the deluxe collectible set for $270, down from $400. This deal is only available tonight, April 5th, until 10pm PT / 1am ET. This nostalgic throwback to the original 151 Pokemon released late last year. It […]

Rocksteady reportedly never worked on a Superman game

Thanks to a Bloomberg report, Rocksteady never announced or worked on a Superman game, despite it being widely rumored. After the studio finished Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, it began work on Batman: Arkham VR. After that, the studio reportedly began working on an unannounced multiplayer game that had nothing to do with the Arkham […]

How rap music and family photos boosted Sims 4 rentals

The Sims franchise has always been one of the most advanced games. The first entry in the series, The Sims, was among them The first video games to feature same-sex relationships– Especially in such a way that the players play an active role in them. In recent years, The Sims 4 has repeatedly made headlines […]

An award-winning narrative game is coming to PlayStation 5 soon

Developed by Half Mermaid and Sam Barlow Announced The narrative game Immorality will be released on January 23rd for PlayStation 5. “From the beginning of this project, the goal has been to share Marissa Marcel’s life and work with a wide audience,” Barlow said. So I’m very excited to bring Immortality to PlayStation gamers and […]

Watch Jason Statham Beat Up Baddies with office supplies in the new Beekeeper clip

For over 20 years, Jason Statham has been making out-of-the-box action movies with iconic fight scenes, eventually becoming an action movie icon. In his latest film, The Beekeeper, Statham is Mr. Kelly, a former operative of a secret organization called the Beekeepers. When Kelly’s friend (Phylicia Rashad) commits suicide after falling victim to a phishing […]

All Lego Fortnite Recipes – Crafting, Cooking, Building, And More

In Lego Fortnite you will unlock many recipes as you play. These recipes can be used at different crafting machines to build various items, with more recipes being unlocked as you find new materials. Once you have found all of the needed materials for a craft, the recipe is automatically unlocked. Some recipes are locked […]

Mickey Mouse must be destroyed in the new horror game Infestation 88

The first version of Mickey Mouse is now in public domain as of January 1st, 2024, and as many have guessed, a game developer has announced its take on the character in a horror setting. Nightmare Forge Games has announced Infestation 88, a 1-4 player episodic horror game set in 1988. You play as an […]