An award-winning narrative game is coming to PlayStation 5 soon

Developed by Half Mermaid and Sam Barlow Announced The narrative game Immorality will be released on January 23rd for PlayStation 5.

“From the beginning of this project, the goal has been to share Marissa Marcel’s life and work with a wide audience,” Barlow said. So I’m very excited to bring Immortality to PlayStation gamers and introduce them to a lost legend.

Playing: The design behind the occult secrets of immortality Audio reports

The game will cost $20 on the PlayStation Store and will have haptic feedback and speaker features thanks to the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

Immortality first released in 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, and came to mobile via Netflix shortly after. The game also won Best Narrative at the 2022 BAFTA Games Awards. In GameSpot’s Immortal review, we said, “The latest from Sam Barlow and the Half Mermaid builds on what you’d expect while subverting its genre in clever ways.”

For more on Immortality, be sure to check out GameSpot’s Audio Reports section of the game, where Sam Barlow talks about its inspirations and how its systems allow players to uncover its secrets.

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