Deadpool Creator Avengelyne Teams Up With Margot Robbie and Olivia Wilde – Report

After nearly 30 years, Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne may finally be getting a film adaptation. via DeadlineLiefeld is reportedly teaming up with Margot Robbie and Olivia Wilde on an Avengelyne movie. Wilde is directing the film, while Robbie is the sole producer. But if Robbie decides to play the lead role, he has a better chance of being made.

Liefeld, who co-created Deadpool with writer Fabian Niciza, first published The Adventures of Avengelyne in 1995. Avengelyne was created by Liefeld and former Vampirella model Katie Christian, who lent her likeness to the character and appeared in cosplay as Avengelyne. Several volumes of illustrated books

The main character Avengelyne is a fallen angel who is banished to Earth and stripped of many of her powers. After taking refuge in a local church, Avengelyne realizes that the demons are clearly planning to create hell on earth, and she dedicates herself to stopping them. Avengelyne was part of the 90s bad girl craze in comics, though she was far more virtuous than her contemporaries like Lady Death. However, Avengelyne’s publication history is sketchy at best, and she hasn’t had her own comic since 2011.

Liefeld previously attempted an Avengelyne adaptation with Gina Carano in 2013, six years before Carano co-starred in The Mandalorian. That version of the film did not move forward, and in 2016, Paramount acquired the franchise with screenwriter Akiva Goldsman joining the project.

The current Avengelyne film has not been picked up by any studio or distributor, but will reportedly be shopped soon with credits from Robbie & Wilde. We should find out soon if Avengelyne is caught.

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