Changing Cortana’s appearance in the second season of Halo was not an easy task

When Halo Season 2 premiered, there were a lot of changes — especially regarding the blue AI Cortana, who accompanied Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) on his Season 1 adventures. By the end of the first season, Cortana had taken full control of Master Chief, and the advanced soldier surrendered control to the AI. When Season […]

Naruto live action movie by director Shang Chi and Marzi Studio

It looks like a live-action Naruto movie is on the rise, as Destiny Daniel Cretton, director of Shang Chi, has taken over the helm. In accordance with The Hollywood ReporterKerton is producing the film for Lionsgate, which is also behind the upcoming Borderlands. Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto signed on to direct Kirton after the two […]

Russell Crowe once filmed a scene but continued to work

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has revealed that he broke both of his legs while filming a scene for Robin Hood in 2010, but he persevered and continued filming. talk to PeopleCrowe said the accident happened one day when he was filming a scene in which his character, Robin Hood, jumped off a cliff in a […]

Dune 2 box office: Here’s how much the film earned in its opening weekend

Dune: Part II hits theaters March 1st, but how much is the star-studded sci-fi expected to earn in its opening weekend? The film is expected to gross between $60 million and $80 million in the U.S. alone for its opening weekend. According to Variety. If it can reach those heights, it will become the first […]

Madame Web is not off to a good start at the box office

Sony’s newest Spider-Man spin-off, Madame Web, is in theaters now, and it’s off to a slow start. The film opened in the United States on February 14, grossing $6 million on its opening day and $2.2 million on Thursday for a two-day total of $8.2 million. The Hollywood Reporter. By comparison, the Bob Marley biopic […]

A new Predator movie is in the making called Badlands

Dan Trachtenberg, writer and director of the Predator 2022 prequel Prey, is set to direct a new standalone film in the franchise, Badlands. The Hollywood Reporter It was the first time he reported The details of the Badlands project are currently being worked out and production is slated to begin later this year. Trachtenberg, who […]