Robert Downey Jr. says his Marvel work has been overlooked because of the genre.

Robert Downey Jr. recently stated that his performance as Tony Stark and Iron Man was perhaps one of the best acting he’s ever done. But he believes it was “a little overlooked because of the genre.”

News from Rob Lowe literally! podcast (via Variety), where Downey Jr. appeared for one episode. While recording Lowe’s podcast, Downey Jr.’s phone started ringing, prompting Lowe to say, “Is this Marvel? Do you want to play any stories here?” After Downey Jr. said the phone call wasn’t about Marvel, Lowe started joking about how he’d love to represent him:

Lou said, “You know what I’m saying. Baby, that phone is ringing and I want to call her. I want to negotiate for you.” “I know what your deal is. That’s what you do. You go, ‘I’ll be back, and I’ll play Tony Stark for you again since you’ve fixed everything.’ But I want a gazillion dollars.’

This led to the two talking about how some of Downey Jr.’s projects haven’t been as successful as his in the MCU. He then went on to describe how he did some of his best work while in the MCU:

“I got a lot of exposure after being in the Marvel cocoon where I think I did some of the best work I’ve ever done, but it was a little overlooked because of the genre,” Downey Jr. said. “[I] I did myself a favor because the rug was definitively pulled out from under me and all the things I had relied on against my sense of certainty and security, boy, did they evaporate. And made me teachable.”

Since Downey Jr. left the MCU in 2019, the actor has starred in other films. Among them are Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, 2022’s Dolittle and 2022’s Sr.

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