Rocksteady reportedly never worked on a Superman game

Thanks to a Bloomberg report, Rocksteady never announced or worked on a Superman game, despite it being widely rumored. After the studio finished Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, it began work on Batman: Arkham VR.

After that, the studio reportedly began working on an unannounced multiplayer game that had nothing to do with the Arkham universe. Then in 2016, Warner Bros. Studios in Montreal canceled a Suicide Squad game after the project was handed over to Rocksteady.

Playing: We’re still not sure about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League GameSpot hands-on preview

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League takes place in the same world as the Arkham franchises. In the upcoming game, you will play as one of the four DC villains in the Suicide Squad and, as the name suggests, you will be tasked with killing the Justice League. Unlike the Arkham series, Suicide Squad will take place in Metropolis, which is also the home of Superman. Additionally, the late Kevin Conroy will appear as Batman.

Be sure to read the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League preview, where Phil Hornshaw wrote, “The idea of ​​trying to take down the Justice League, knowing the kind of power they wield against them in battle, is a great premise. But open-world missions where characters keep barking at you over the radio about how enemies are attacking point A or point B don’t seem to break the mold, especially when so many games A living open world with a lot of similar content.”

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