A killer combat trick the game won’t tell you

screen shot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s Combat is very little speed except for hacking and slashing. Each character in your party has their own play style, strengths and weaknesses, and you make them your own by customizing the build of each hero. Various materials. However, there is one universal trick that can help you get closer in distance combat that Square Enix’s sequel won’t tell you about.

Exchange between party members is a key part Revitalization. It’s tempting to just stick with your favorite character in combat, but switching around during combat maximizes your team’s value instead of relying on AI party members to execute special abilities. It also helps you build your ATB meter to use specific skills and execution Cooperative synergy moves. While you don’t have to finish a fight, switching things up mid-fight is the way to play Revitalization. However, if you want to get the most out of any of these exchanges, there’s a trick to getting some added value every time you switch.

If you hold down the block button while locked onto an enemy, then switch to another party member while defending, the character you switch with. will perform an attack on the locked target. Another benefit of this is that if you’re locked on and blocked from a distance, the party member you switch to will teleport across the battlefield to attack the enemy. This is great for switching from a ranged character like Aerith or Barret to a close range fighter like Cloud, Tifa or Red XIII. Here’s an example I was able to come up with where I was playing as Keith Sith, then switched to Red XIII. You can teleport our four-legged friend from across the battlefield to launch an attack while switching.

GIF: Square Enix / Kotaku

While this is only one of the subtle differences Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It doesn’t tell you about its combat system, we have Many other tips About how to get the most out of Cloud and its crew.

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