Zack Snyder is set to direct a live-action Fortnite movie

Zack Snyder, the film’s director and the man who spells Zack right, is promoting his new movie on Netflix. Rebel month. But that’s because he talked about Epic’s popular battle royale shooter Fortnite In the past, people kept asking him about the game and recently, someone wondered if he would be willing to direct a movie based on the franchise. According to Snyder, “of course” he will.

Rebel month It’s a gritty space adventure that’s poised to launch a bigger franchise for Netflix. Let’s check what it is Critics say about Snyder’s latest film… uh … oh boy … uh … well … uh … actually, let’s talk about something else and not that seemingly terrible movie. Instead, Snyder has thoughts about the world Fortnite and making a live-action movie based on the free-to-play game he’s been enjoying for years.

As by IGN, during a December 15 interview with Italecthe director of the film behind the scenes man of steel, 300 And that dawn of the dead The remake of Where the Zombies Are Running was asked if he ever wanted to combine his two passions of filmmaking and acting. Fortnite.

“Of course I do,” Snyder quickly replied. He further added that he is trying hard to get skins based on it Rebel month Added to Fortnite, a game that is very famous for its brand crossovers. It didn’t happen, but Snyder doesn’t seem bitter about it and remains involved Fortnite the universe

“Behold, Fortnite “It’s a wonderful world, and it’s a wonderful distraction for me,” Snyder said. It’s really cool, and the alchemy they’ve created there is really unique. “When I started playing it, I thought I knew what it was, and then it was something completely different.”

When playfully pressed by the interviewer about his vague answer, Snyder added, “You definitely don’t know. You can definitely never say never. This is my motto in this business.”

If Zack Snyder ends up making one Fortnite The movie, I expect a big lead role for Rick and MortyMr. Miziks, too. According to the filmmaker, the main skin he uses while playing. What a movie it will be.


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