Our top predictions for Pokémon Gen 10

screen shot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Projects like Netflix’s new stop-motion series Pokemon doorman Resonate with people because most of us just want to have a good time with the weird little guys we store in Poké Balls—we don’t just want to be Pokémon champions. Scarlett And Purple Come up with cool ideas, like letting your Pokemon have a picnic, giving them a bath, and somewhat weirdly, Control them with a headsetbut I’m always open to more little things that allow us to just hang out with our party.

It’s easy to feel like Pokemon are just numbers, stats, and sets of moves, so any chance we get to hang out with our friends in different contexts adds to the connection they sing about in anime theme songs. Yeah, sure we beat the Elite Four, but I just want to hang out with my Raichu without him knocking out Zubat.

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