Get two of the year’s biggest movies on Blu-ray for just $26

After a tumultuous few years, 2023 saw audiences return to theaters thanks to the release of several notable pop culture phenomena. Two of the biggest blockbusters of the year–barbie And Super Mario Brothers movie-used the power of nostalgia to make a huge dent at the box office, and if you’re looking to add those films […]

Five Nights At Freddy’s breaks box office records with wide release

Lackluster reviews and a day-and-date run on the Peacock didn’t stop Five Nights at Freddy’s from having a record-breaking weekend at the box office. The PG-13 horror film, based on the 2014 video game series, opened with more than $130 million, Blumhouse’s biggest worldwide opening, topping the $91.8 million 2018 Halloween film, according to the […]

The Black Phone Calling Back for a sequel in 2025

Universal and Blumhouse will return for a second time with a sequel to the horror film The Black Phone in 2021. Variety reports that both companies are counting on “launching a sinister new franchise.” The sequel is scheduled to premiere in June 2025. “Black Phone” starred Ethan Hawke as a child killer named Grabber and […]

Lena Headey on how Game of Thrones ended

Lena Headey made a name for herself with Zack Snyder’s 300 in 2006, but she found superstardom in the cast of Game of Thrones, where she played Cersei Lannister for eight seasons. Fans were enthralled with the badass as he was also lauded with five Emmy Award nominations for the role. Now, Heady is behind […]

The largest LEGO collection is on sale at a huge discount on Amazon

If you’ve ever felt like expressing yourself with Lego—and probably got a case of wanderlust in the process—this Lego Art World Map is a great project to work on. Normally $250, you can save $100 on this impressive piece of art Amazon Apply the full discount by clicking the coupon box below the price. Also […]

It follows due to a sequel more than a decade later

More than a decade later, David Robert Mitchell is making his long-awaited follow-up to the horror film It Follows, They Follows. The Hollywood Reporter It noted that Tom Quinn’s (Parasite) Neon Studios is producing a sequel, which is expected to shoot next year. They Follow will once again star Micah Monroe as Jay Heath, who […]

The Exorcist: Believer Review – Scary, but all too familiar

What’s the point of a new Exorcist movie in 2023, 50 years after the original? For the studio, the answer is easy: It’s a well-known brand that can be reinvigorated like Halloween has been in recent years. For David Gordon Green, the director responsible for both the Halloween revival and The Exorcist: Believer, the answer […]