The Black Phone Calling Back for a sequel in 2025

Universal and Blumhouse will return for a second time with a sequel to the horror film The Black Phone in 2021. Variety reports that both companies are counting on “launching a sinister new franchise.” The sequel is scheduled to premiere in June 2025.

“Black Phone” starred Ethan Hawke as a child killer named Grabber and Mason Thames as a 13-year-old boy named Finny who becomes Grabber’s last victim. Graber locks Finny in a soundproof basement, where he lies helpless until a disconnected phone starts ringing.

When Finny answers it, he discovers that he can talk to the ghosts of Grabber’s murder victims. The ghosts teach Finny how to survive and fight back so he can escape Gerber and return home.

Doctor Strange and Sinister’s Scott Derrickson directed and wrote the film, with Jason Blum producing for Blumhouse and C. Robert Cargill. The actors of this film include Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davis, E. Roger Mitchell, Troy Rodzel, James Ronson and Miguel Cazares Mora.

The film grossed over $160 million worldwide and received mostly positive reviews. The film won the Best Horror Awards from the Hollywood Critics Circle and the Southern Awards.

No casting or story information is yet available for the production outside of the release date.

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