Get two of the year’s biggest movies on Blu-ray for just $26

After a tumultuous few years, 2023 saw audiences return to theaters thanks to the release of several notable pop culture phenomena. Two of the biggest blockbusters of the year–barbie And Super Mario Brothers movie-used the power of nostalgia to make a huge dent at the box office, and if you’re looking to add those films to your collection, you can get both at a significant discount.

First of all, the movie Barbie has dropped from $40 to just $13 on Blu-ray. Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, this is a quirky take on the classic toy line that gives Barbie an existential crisis. The Blu-ray includes some behind-the-scenes features such as Welcome to Barbie Land, Becoming Barbie and the Musical Make-Believe. You also get a digital copy with the Blu-ray. If you want the 4K version of that movie, it costs a bit more and is available for $25.


For young family members and old Nintendo fans alike, Super Mario Bros. It’s a great video game adaptation. It respects its past, looks great thanks to Despicable Me’s animation studio Illumination, and has a strong cast that brings the characters to life. Yes, Chris Pratt does a pretty decent job as Mario here.

Super Mario Brothers movie
Super Mario Brothers movie

The disc features several behind-the-scenes features, a field guide to the world of The Super Mario Bros., leadership lessons from Anya Taylor-Joy, voice actress for Peaches, and the music video for “Peaches” if you want Jack Black to worm it. He entered your head again with a catchy number. You can grab the 1080p Blu-ray — which also comes with a DVD and digital code — for just $13. You can upgrade to the 4K version for $23.

In GameSpot’s review of The Super Mario Bros., Phil Owen wrote, “More than just another cartoon comedy, Super Mario Bros. is a surprisingly great action movie. “Both very funny and simply beautiful – this film is a feast for the eyes.”

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