The largest LEGO collection is on sale at a huge discount on Amazon

If you’ve ever felt like expressing yourself with Lego—and probably got a case of wanderlust in the process—this Lego Art World Map is a great project to work on. Normally $250, you can save $100 on this impressive piece of art Amazon Apply the full discount by clicking the coupon box below the price. Also available best buy At the same price with a discount, but only for My Best Buy Plus and Total members. The LEGO Art World Map has 11,695 pieces that make it The biggest LEGO set ever.

Lego world map


This particular LEGO set is the largest in terms of piece count – though it’s mostly studs, not traditional LEGO bricks. When fully built, it’s a huge map of the world that you can display on your wall. There’s more than just a faithful recreation of the globe to look at here, as Lego has provided a rich collection of studs that can be used to bring the oceans to life, mark where you’ve traveled and Specify the location of your family used. Members live abroad

The finished world map measures 26″ high by 41″ wide. As a LEGO set designed for adults, it makes a great gift for those who enjoy building with the brand, have seen the world or even dream of traveling the globe one day.

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