Jul 15 2021


6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Axis Arena Showdown hosted by Roscoe Dash


Join us July 15th for our Call of Duty Warzone tournament & concert at Axis Replay hosted by Roscoe Dash.

Axis Arena Showdown is Axis Replay’s version of Verzuz! We start with head to head celebrity gaming with a concert finisher line up with some amazing artists!





and surprise guests!


Grab your highest-skilled friend and register today for our Call of Duty Warzone Tournament (PC ONLY) and win $250 and more followed by live performances from local Atlanta based artists!

Registration: $10 per team, $5 for spectating, $10 for tournament spectating & access to concert.


The tournament will consist of Custom Duos Warzone Battle Royale matches. Scoring will be taken from a combination of eliminations and placements.

Participants must be a part of the Discord created specifically for the event. Within this Discord is where tournament communication will occur including: screenshot submissions, any help needed from Admins, etc. This tournament is in person only at Axis Replay!

Each elimination: +1 point
1st Place: +10 points total
The winner will be picked based on whoever has the most combined points after all of the matches.

Any form of “teaming” or aimbot/wallhacks will NOT be tolerated. Our admins reserve the right to review submitted evidence and look into accusations at their discretion.
If a participant is caught inviting any non-participants (even if unintentionally), they will be automatically disqualified.

Be warned that we do not involve ourselves in any “stream sniping” accusations.
There will also be a list of all rules to reference within the Discord server.

The event is finished.

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