CoD: Warzone Season 1 and MW3 Loaded Patch Notes include major changes for aftermarket parts

A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone arrived on January 23rd. The update makes changes to aftermarket parts, gives players a new way to buy packs, and adjusts the limited-time Supe’d Up multiplayer mode. Here’s everything you need to know.

For multiplayer, the new Supe’d Up LTM Season 1 Reloaded has a major change that allows players to now gain Temp V abilities more than once in a lifetime. This update also adjusts the columns displayed on the in-match leaderboard. Now shows: kills, confirms, rejects.

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Some of the new parts of Modern Warfare 3 are balanced. The developer explains that this update was made because part of the goal of aftermarket parts is to have conversion kits that offer players “fun and unexpected experiences” with familiar weapons.

This includes improved recoil control for the aftermarket JAK Signal Burst part for the Holger 556 assault rifle and DM56 sniper rifle to make the guns easier to use, and the JAK Thunder LMG kit for the Sidewinder assault rifle is now 40% off. Bullets needed to reach maximum firing rate

“Looking ahead, we’ve improved our approach to balancing aftermarket parts to make sure they’re powerful, worth grinding, and most of all, fun!” says the developer.

For zombies, the update adds randomization to the warlord bosses shown on each map. The new boss of Dokkaebi Season 1 Reloaded will collide with previous warlord bosses. Players can check their tac map at the beginning of the map to see which boss is available. This update also prevents Dokkaebi from being one hit with certain weapons.

The Warzone patch notes include several major bug fixes, including one that caused perk packs to be incorrectly equipped when selecting a loadout, an issue that caused players to receive an error when trying to open a custom loadout menu, and another that prevented It became a Champion’s Quest tracker from the lack of progress.

Additionally, this new update gives players a new way to purchase Call of Duty Operator skins and blueprints that are not actively available in the in-game store. These bundles can now be purchased directly through the game’s Armory. However, this change does not apply to limited-time, future, or discounted items.

Full patch notes can be Found below for MW3 And war zoneAs shared by Activision. In other news, Call of Duty’s latest DLC operator is a rubber duck.



  • Operator skins and blueprints not actively available in the store can now be purchased directly from the Armory.
    • Note: This does not include limited, upcoming or discounted items.



  • Addressed an issue that caused Camo challenges to appear multiple times during the after-action report.
  • Selecting the Carrack .300 11K Optic Attachment no longer unexpectedly returns the player to the menu.
  • Several attachment descriptions have been modified to better reflect their actual effects.
    • XTEN ERX-10 Mini Optic
    • Stock Tac 840C
    • CDG T-25 light barrel
  • Description of fully loaded challenges amended to clarify attachment requirements.


  • Broken Signal Camo for TAQ Evolvere can now progress to completion.
  • The electrocution event challenge now tracks progress as intended.


  • Rise (limited time mode)
    • Temp V abilities can be gained more than once per life.
    • The adjusted columns are displayed in the scoreboard in the match.
  • private match

Weapons and accessories

Many of the inventory adjustments in today’s update target aftermarket parts. In the next section, you’ll find information from our design team that aims to explain the intent behind some of the changes.

“One of our design team’s goals is to create conversion kits that provide players with fun and unexpected experiences with familiar weapons. Part of that goal is to maintain a balance where conversion kits enhance the capabilities of a weapon without Overshadowing its original role will enhance it. Based on your feedback. And by reviewing recently released aftermarket parts, we’ve made significant changes for you to experience today!”

“assault rifles”

  • Holger 556
    • JAK signal burst
      • Increases weapon impact control gain by 10%.
      • Increased recoil control benefits by up to 10%.
      • Reduced fire delay from 120ms to 90ms (-25%).

Although the JAK signal burst has the potential to kill 1 lethal burst, its recoil often limits its effectiveness in the most common engagement ranges. In addition, its detonation delay made it difficult to land a consecutive burst to confirm the kill. Today’s changes target these weaknesses and make the aftermarket a more desirable option.

“battle rifle”

  • Sidewinder
    • JAK Thunder LMG kit
      • Reduced bullets required to reach maximum fire rate from 25 to 15 (-40%).

The JAK Thunder LMG kit is all about committing to a gunfight and letting the rate of fire deliver deadly rounds. Modern modifications make this weapon reach its maximum possible damage significantly faster. leave it! Equip the JAK BFB or Billed Brake attachments and shoot as much as you like for maximum effectiveness.

“semi-automatic weapon”

  • AMR9
    • Max damage range reduced from 16.5m to 14m (-15%).
    • Approximate damage range reduced from 22.9m to 20.3m (-11%).
    • Reduced average damage range from 38.1m to 35.6m (-7%).
    • Headshot damage increased from 1.2x to 1.3x (+8%).
    • Lower body damage coefficient reduced from 1.1 times to 1 times (-9%).
    • Lower arm injury rate decreased from 1.1 times to 1 times (-9%).
    • Hand damage rate reduced from 1.1x to 1x (-9%).
    • Upper leg damage factor increased from 0.9x to 1x (+11%).
    • Increased leg damage factor from 0.9 times to 1 times (+11%).
    • Increased leg damage multiplier from 0.9x to 1x (+11%).
    • Increased firing speed from 789rpm to 833rpm (+6%).
    • JAK Ettin double barrel kit
      • Reworked firing mechanism to simultaneously fire two bullets per shot.
      • Added multiple location damage.
        • Head: 1 times
        • Neck: 0.9x
        • Upper body: 0.9x
        • Lower body: 0.9x
        • Arm: 0.9x
        • Lower arm: 0.8x
        • Hand: 0.8x
        • Upper leg: 0.8x
        • Calf: 0.8x
        • Foot: 0.8x
      • A 75% reduction in target spread is seen below.
      • Reduce the penalty of spreading hipfire by 50%.

After its release in week 6, the JAK Ettin double barrel kit did not perform as designed. With this update, the conversion kit has been reworked to actually fire two bullets at once (no longer a 2-round burst), significantly improving its time to kill. Additionally, we’ve significantly reduced the scope and recoil of this conversion kit, allowing for better control in close range engagements, where the Ettin is meant to shine.

Need a Loadout recommendation? This is one of our favorites…

AMR9 (Submachine Rifle): JAK Ettin Double Barrel Conversion Kit, Cronen Intlas MSP-12 Optics, Wolfhound Carbine Stock, Sakin ZX Rear Grip, 100 Drum Magazine.

  • Rival-9
    • JAK Headhunter carbine conversion
      • Reduced maximum damage from 30 to 26 (-13%).
      • Average damage reduced from 29 to 24 (-17%).
      • Reduced minimum damage from 25 to 22 (-12%).
      • Headshot damage increased from 1.3x to 2x (+54%).
      • Increased neck damage multiplier from 1.1x to 1.5x (+36%).
      • Increased upper torso damage from 1.1x to 1.5x (+36%).
      • Fire delay reduced from 80ms to 66ms (-18%).
      • 10% reduction in sprint-to-fire penalty
      • Reduced low view time penalty by 7%.
      • Reduced the penalty for spreading hipfire by 20%.

Just like itself, the JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion is most lethal when it hits the head and torso with precision. Today’s changes increase its lethality and reduce its fire delay to improve its ability to duel at a distance. We envision this aftermarket part to be more of a nimble, mid-range assault rifle than a handgun. We expect it may be outperformed by the base Rival-9 at close range. Equip damage range, bullet speed, and recoil control attachments to highlight its strengths.

“Sniper Rifle”

  • DM56
    • JAK signal burst
      • Increases weapon impact control gain by 10%.
      • Increased recoil control benefits by up to 10%.
      • Reduced fire delay from 120ms to 90ms (-25%).


  • killer drone
    • Explosion after impact at 5m distance now occurs with reduced detection radius.

Previously, the Breaker Drone could not explode after hitting a player within 5 meters of its initial flight. Now, it can detonate within this range with a reduced detection radius, handling reports of the drone “passing” through enemies. Performance beyond 5 meters remains unchanged.



Warlord randomization

  • The week-long Doukaibi spotlight is over, and now a random Warlord will be chosen at the start of each match.
  • Players can see which warlord is active through the Tac Map. Plan accordingly!
  • Players can also advance the Act 4 ‘Storm the Castle’ mission by eliminating any warlords while this mission is active.

War Commander: Dakaibi

  • Players can no longer take out Dokkaebi in one shot with multiple weapons.

war zone


  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get an error when trying to open a loadout’s custom loadout menu.
  • Fixed text alignment issue in Champion’s Quest tracker widget.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect icon to appear when pinging the Cash Deposit Balloon in Plunder.
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion’s Quest tracker would not show progress towards a new token.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Bouncebackalicious Challenge from tracking itself.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Perk Packs to be incorrectly equipped when selecting Loadout.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the third element of the Champion’s Quest to spawn without destroying the attack helicopter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion’s Quest vault would not be marked on the map.

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