The hottest games of the week, from GTA 6 to Starfield

The first (official) expected Grand Theft Auto 6 close to us Starfield It falls like a bad wig and Coral island It has masses in every direction.

These are the week’s most interesting insights into the wild, wonderful and sometimes weird world of video game news.

why is it Starfield Bleeding active players?

screen shot: Bethesda/Kotaku

In the weeks following launch Skyrim The highly anticipated RPG game from developer Bethesda Starfieldthe game is stuck A little attention for this A drastic drop in the number of players on Steam. It is also rated by users It was placed in Valve’s digital storefront, falls from “positive” to pale orange “mixed”. Why is one of the biggest RPG games of the last few years attracting the attention of players so soon? Read more

Happened to me: GameStop’s Black Friday deal from hell

Link and his Hyrule heroes encounter the Better Business Bureau.

Image: nintendo

one of Favorite Black Friday Traditions Browsing through GameStop on my phone and getting a bunch of cool games for cheap. It usually works well. Last weekend was a nightmare. It’s hard to put into words how horrible the experience of trying to buy something from GameStop has become in 2023, but I’ll try. Read more

New Disney movie to wish Can have big consequences for Kingdom Hearts

Asha is shown observing the various wishes that have been ignored by the citizens of Rosas.

Image: Disney

to wish, the 62nd film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios, is a bad movie. The film is supposed to celebrate the studio’s 100th anniversary, but instead, its disjointed story and reliance on millennial clichés for cheap jokes feels like it’s been fed into an AI generator and jumped to the big screen. And music, always a staple of Disney movies, has done just that Some really lovely episodes Which is unfortunately weighed down by terrible lyrics. Read more

I want to flatten every man in this Disney-inspired farming sim

Coral Island actors arrive on the beach.

Image: Ladder games / David Ordinarias Lujaya

Coral island, the new dating and farming sim by Styroy Games, is the latest example of a game where chasing a handsome guy is enough to pull me out of something I’m otherwise bored with. I’ve spent parts of my game time cutting down trees and trying to make a real farm out of my allotted land. But I don’t want to chop down trees, I just wish to climb like trees on coral island dwellers. Read more

Balder’s Gate 3The new ending is what it deserves

Shep raises his glass at camp.

screen shot: Larian Studio / Kotaku

I don’t have many complaints Balder’s Gate 3, but the original ending is probably my biggest problem with Larian Studios’ excellent RPG. Although I was satisfied with the ways the story ended, the rushed execution left me wanting more. It formed as a disturbing thought. Larian has added new content to the ending since launch, including a New scene dedicated to Karlachbut in Patch number 5The studio has created a brand new ending that feels like a recap of the original game. Read more

Kotaku asks: What’s the best video game sequel?

An image showing Gordon Freeman and Alix from Half-Life 2.

Half life 2 (2004)
Image: valve

I think most of you reading this have played at least a few video game sequels in your life, and while you may have enjoyed them all, this week in Kotaku We want to know: What do you think is the best video game sequel of all time? Read more

Spotify Wrapped minimizes music like a game

Makoto Yuki puts on headphones with Spotify Wrapped cards in the background.

Image: Atlus / Spotify / Kotaku

It’s that time of year again. Today, November 29, Spotify users all over the world are sharing their year-end reports, which attempt to summarize your musical tastes of the past year by providing statistics and rankings of your most-listened-to artists and songs, along with your favorite tunes. . Graphics to share on all your social networks. I look forward to it every year. But since Spotify Wrapped has practically become an internet holiday, I can’t help but gamify how we listen to music year-round. Read more

Kotaku asks: What do you want to see? GTA 6?

The GTA VI image shows two people, a man with a helmet (left) and a woman with a gun (right), against a blue background filled with palm trees.

Image: Rockstar Games/Kotaku

Eventually, GTA VI Rumors can be slow. Rockstar Games officially announced the sequel in February 2022, but the studio just confirmed it A trailer for the long awaited crime sim sequel It arrives on December 5th. As we prepare GTA VIReveals, we at Kotaku Just one question: What do you all want to see from the game? Read more

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