Save just $130 on the game with today’s Pokemon Classic Trading Card

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Now on sale at its lowest price. At Best Buy, you can pick up the deluxe collectible set for $270, down from $400. This deal is only available tonight, April 5th, until 10pm PT / 1am ET. This nostalgic throwback to the original 151 Pokemon released late last year. It […]

A killer combat trick the game won’t tell you

screen shot: Square Enix / Kotaku Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s Combat is very little speed except for hacking and slashing. Each character in your party has their own play style, strengths and weaknesses, and you make them your own by customizing the build of each hero. Various materials. However, there is one universal trick that […]

Rocksteady reportedly never worked on a Superman game

Thanks to a Bloomberg report, Rocksteady never announced or worked on a Superman game, despite it being widely rumored. After the studio finished Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, it began work on Batman: Arkham VR. After that, the studio reportedly began working on an unannounced multiplayer game that had nothing to do with the Arkham […]

An award-winning narrative game is coming to PlayStation 5 soon

Developed by Half Mermaid and Sam Barlow Announced The narrative game Immorality will be released on January 23rd for PlayStation 5. “From the beginning of this project, the goal has been to share Marissa Marcel’s life and work with a wide audience,” Barlow said. So I’m very excited to bring Immortality to PlayStation gamers and […]

Mickey Mouse must be destroyed in the new horror game Infestation 88

The first version of Mickey Mouse is now in public domain as of January 1st, 2024, and as many have guessed, a game developer has announced its take on the character in a horror setting. Nightmare Forge Games has announced Infestation 88, a 1-4 player episodic horror game set in 1988. You play as an […]

Video game movies and TV shows finally got good in 2023

While 2023 was certainly a good year for movies and TV shows in general (unless you’re the Marvel Cinematic Universe), it was a pretty good year for adaptations of our favorite video game franchises. As a prime example, Nintendo and Illumination Studios’ The Super Mario Bros. was released in April. It was hard to know […]

A new game update + Spider-Man 2 will be released in early 2024

Today, Sony and Insomniac confirmed that the PlayStation 5 exclusive superhero action game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2will receive a major, free update in “early 2024” that will add much-requested features. Spider-Man 2’s new web wings make it feel like a proper sequel Spider-Man 2 It is a very good game on PlayStation 5. One of the […]

The week’s biggest gaming news, from GTA 6 to The Game Awards

Gaming’s biggest night has come and gone, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all was how little time was given to thank family, fans and programmers. Newly deceased colleagues during their acceptance speeches. But before that, we finally got our first in-depth look at Rockstar GTA 6, the most anticipated game of the last decade. […]

The best game news of the week, from Pokimane to N64 for adults only

From integration to memes, the landscape of interactive entertainment is always moving. Here’s your cheat sheet for the week’s most important stories in the game. Diablo IV – Bear Bender Build The Pokemon Cookie Apology Tour has officially begun screen shot: Pokemon / Kotaku Following some heated controversy surrounding his snack brand, popular Twitch streamer […]

The best autumn game discounts

Image: CD Projekt Red / Bethesda / Blizzard / EA / Lucasfilm / Valve / Kotaku Valve’s annual fall sale. Some of the best and biggest PC games, including action-RPGs Diablo IVamazing star Wars Play Serious: SurvivorAnd Bethesda’s newest, Starfieldall are currently on sale. Top 10 Games on Steam Deck: October 2023 Edition This latest […]