Naruto manga box sets are heavily discounted at Amazon and Walmart

When it comes to anime, few franchises are as big and enduring as Naruto. Naruto’s epic saga is full of twists, epic battles, and ninja magic brought to life by creator Masashi. Kishimoto If you’ve been looking to catch up on the manga series — or have a Naruto fan in your house shopping for this holiday —Amazon And Walmart Get great deals on three big box sets.

First of all, there’s the massive box set that collects all 700 seasons of Naruto. particle for direct object The first Naruto box set collects the first 27 volumes of the manga, which covers the story arcs Land of Waves, Chunin Exams, Konoha Crash, Tsunade’s Quest, and Sasuke Recovery. particle for direct object The second set covers the next 21 volumes and begins the Shippuden era of the series, starring an older and more cunning Naruto after returning to Konoha Village after two years of training. particle for direct object The third and final box set runs from volumes 49-72 And it mainly focuses on the Fourth Great Ninja War between the Allied Shinobi Nations and the Akatsuki Ninja Terrorist Organization.

All of these sets are priced well below list price, come in beautiful slipcases, and are on average cheaper than buying each manga volume individually. For example, the first box costs approximately $4.50 per book.

Naruto box set

If you don’t want to buy an entire library of Naruto manga paperbacks right now, there are a few options. Separate volumes are available, but collected omnibus editions are also great options. These are three-in-one sets of manga volumes and usually list for $15 – although you can save a few bucks on many of them. The print quality is usually pretty good for the price, and you can easily read your way through a story arc or two without worrying too much about cliffhanger endings.

For more manga options, you can also enjoy great adventures from the One Piece and Bleach libraries, as the manga set boxes are also heavily discounted right now. For something a little more exciting, if you’re in the mood for dark and violent action, there’s also the upcoming Chainsaw Man.

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