Gladiator 2 features a baboon fight scene as Ridley Scott is distracted by them

How do you finish the Colosseum battle with the tigers in Gladiator for the next sequel? Well, director Ridley Scott has apparently focused on an animal he finds especially annoying for Gladiator 2: baboons.

talk to The New YorkerScott mentioned how he’s itching to start filming Gladiator 2 again after production was halted due to the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild strike. The filmmaker behind Alien and Black Hawk Down apparently looked at 90 minutes of footage he had already shot – including an action sequence where the hero encounters a group of baboons.

Scott saw a video of primates looking for tourists in South Africa and has been hooked ever since. He said: Baboons are carnivores. “Can you hang from that roof by your left foot for two hours? No! A baboon can.”

Arguably the hero of this battle is star Paul Mescall, who portrays Lucius, Lucilla’s son. Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Derek Jacobi and Connie Nielsen will join the actor in Gladiator 2. Meanwhile, Gladiator star Russell Crowe has had a hilarious reaction to all the questions he’s been getting about the sequel.

In July, TMZ obtained exclusive photos and video from Gladiator 2’s Colosseum in Malta. The sequel was also reportedly set to shoot in London and Morocco before production halted.

Gladiator 2 is set to hit theaters on November 22, 2024, but that could obviously change with the ongoing Hollywood actors’ strike.

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