First Day Anime Blu-Ray Deals: Jojo, Castlevania, Hunter x Hunter and more

If you head over to Amazon right now, you can find a wide variety of deals, from Xbox memory cards to a massive gaming monitor. But why settle for the hottest tech when you can build the best anime library instead? As part of Amazon Prime Day Round 2, the retail giant is offering huge discounts on some of the hottest anime Blu-rays around the world, giving you the chance to catch popular series, recent adaptations of cult classic video games, and some Get the really weird. .

Starting off, you can get the entire Castlevania collection for half the price these DVDs normally sell for. Dracula’s war against humanity is made to conquer television, and when you’re dealing with the fantastic banter between the main cast of protagonists, eye-popping animation and a final boss who insults like an uncontrollable guild mod, You will understand. A recipe for anime success

Selling Blu-ray anime on Amazon

If you prefer something a little more bitter, then check out a man punch. The whole concept of this anime series is that it revolves around a hero who is too strong for his own good, a one-hit knockout master who is tired of his power and really wishes that other extinction-level threats showed up. don’t be In his hometown, One-Punch Man not only has a great set of gags, but also incredible animation (though only in its first season, if we’re being honest) and a colorful cast of professional heroes who always have Saitama, the famous One-Punch Man. They underestimate. .

Maybe you want something more exotic? Then Jojo’s quirky adventure will come to an end, as the series tells the saga of the Jostar family across decades and heroes. JoJo’s first series, Phantom Blood, is a Victorian horror epic in which Jonathan Joestar battles his absolute bastard brother Dave Brando throughout his life, pitting Joseph Joestar’s battle tendencies against the mighty men of the Pillars, and Stardust. Karabi is a world traveler. An adventure that includes the infamous return of Dave and introduces the concept of Stands to the JoJo world.

Things get weirder from there, as Unbreakable Diamond is basically high school hijinks mixed with a murder mystery that would make David Fincher proud, and The Golden Wind is a gangster epic that takes the idea of ​​Stands to new heights. .

There are also a number of highly rated anime movies available on Amazon. Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, and Weathering With You are all critically acclaimed movies available for up to 50% less.

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