Destiny’s 2 Big Final Shape Expansion and Marathon were both delayed

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In addition to one An unspecified number of job cuts, Fate 2 Developer Bungie has also faced delays. Bloomberg reports which is a sci-fi shooter MMO The final shape The spread has been reduced from February to June, with future extraction shooters marathon It was postponed until 2025.

while The final shape it’s not getting done Fate 2will end the storyline that he has been building with for almost a decade A final match between the players and a force called The Witness that seeks to destroy the world. Originally slated to add a new campaign and tons of other content on February 27th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the expanded release is now coming in June. Bloomberg reports.

Meanwhile, marathon, a sci-fi shooter that evolves around session-based matches with a story where players complete various objectives and milestones, has reportedly been pushed back to 2025. This game was launched with a live service at the big exhibition of Sony PlayStation games. last May, and seemed to help launch the platform’s new games-as-a-service strategy following Sony’s acquisition of Bungie last year.

The exact reasons for the delays have yet to be revealed, but the news comes as Bungie CEO Pete Parsons informed staff today that a meeting will be held to “discuss today’s events”, including the layoffs. Those that affect recruiters, support staff and others. While neither Bungie nor Sony have confirmed the exact number of cuts, the developers have even included community moderators. Fate 2the game face of millions of the most dedicated loot shooter players.

Delays and layoffs during a tough year for Fate 2 In general, by 2023 fall of light It’s one of the worst developed apps ever, and seasonal updates have slowed down due to an unusual increase in server outages and other issues. The game’s director, Joe Blackburn, promised to change that An episodic model in 2024, with fewer and bigger updates to help with player burnout. It’s unclear how today’s big changes could affect those plans.

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