Bungie nukes Destiny 2 cheat ‘starter pack’ after fans roast it

The hardest thing about Fate 2 Is Get any of your friends to play it. Fans of Bungie’s ambitious and imaginative sci-fi shooter have long hoped for a simple on-ramp that would make it easier for lost players and newcomers to return to its world. Fate 2The new “Starter Pack” may look just like that. Instead, it’s an expensive collection of random items that fans can’t stop drooling over.

Arzoo season aired today With an exciting trailer and new missions that revolve around collecting dragon eggs to defeat the old enemy. But players quietly noticed a new DLC addition on PSN, Xbox and Steam that was released alongside the latest update. It is called Fate 2 Starter packIt costs $15 and is one of the most ridiculous microtransactions I’ve ever seen. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the Starter Pack does not include any expansions, missions, or story content. It’s just a random collection of things meant to “charge” the players arsenal. Here’s what’s included:

  • Traveler’s choice
  • Ruined statue
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • Strange ship
  • Strange sparrow
  • A strange soul shell
  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • 50 booster cores
  • 5 reinforcement charters
  • 1 ascending shard

Image: bungee

These first three items are all weird old weapons that have been in the game since 2019 or earlier. They are mostly good but only synergize with certain builds and can all be obtained from the tower kiosk without too much fuss. Ship skins, sparrows and ghosts are purely cosmetic and entirely up to personal taste. The stuff in the Starter Pack is a far cry from some of the game’s better designs, at least in my opinion.

At the same time, the materials are very stingy. It is glamor Fate 2The main in-game currency earned by doing anything and everything. Cores, prisms, and Ascendant Shards (what players affectionately call “golf balls”) are for focusing on engrams, re-rolling gear, and crafting new items, none of which are useful for new players and don’t make much sense in the amounts provided. Not even enough Absolutely a masterpiece A new suit of armor is an odd set of accessories to buy for more than the cost of an entire season of the game.

One player wrote: “I could say it’s money to win, but it’s actually just a waste of money.” on Fate subreddit. “Paying to lose.” Another wrote: “This is pathetic. 3 mediocre exotics, a few crappy cosmetics and some worthless stuff. A real core pack is old weapons and DLC.

There are three major obstacles to returning players Fate 2. The first is that most of the story is no longer in the game due to the content vault. The second is Fate 2The “New Light” campaign is very simple and offers no real direction with the endgame activities. And third, despite being supposedly free, all developer apps are paid and unlocking access to everything is still very expensive. Shadowkeep, the unique 2019 expansion, is still typically $25. The Starter Pack only adds to the hype, confusing players with misleading descriptions such as “flying between destinations in your exotic new ship”. Narrator Voice: Strange ships are custom loading screen animations only.

The starter pack is also being offered amid layoffs at Bungie The year 2024 The final shape expansion And Lack of income is reported. At a time when the studio is apparently looking for money, the $15 package only shows the gap between players and whoever is leading the way. Fate 2The strategy of making money milking whales is one thing, but as Fate 2 Players point out that the new starter pack seems to be aimed squarely at new players who don’t know any better. As one of them put it, “It’s a mobile game thing.”

UPDATE 11/29/2023 6:09 PM EST: Bungie appears to have removed the controversial Destiny 2 starter pack from stores, including Valve’s storefront. “Information: Fate 2: Starter Pack is no longer available on the Steam Store,” the Steam listing update reads. Meanwhile, PlayStation Store listings return error pages.

A screenshot shows that the Destiny 2 starter pack has been removed from Steam.

screen shot: Valve / Kotaku

In addition to roasting the microtransactions on social media and Reddit, some players have also tried to revise the pack and change the Steam tags for it to things like “Psychic Horror”.

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