This Hot Wheels gift set features cars from Pixar and Disney movies.

It’s the holiday season, and if you’re looking for a last-minute gift that’s small, thoughtful, and perfectly tailored to the gear in your life, don’t go wrong with a matchbox car. Anything from the Hot Wheels series in particular, as the company’s range of diecast vehicles stand the test of time, look great, and are durable enough to be a little too extreme when playing with them. Survive on your table. Amazon and Best Buy have great deals Choose Hot Wheels collectibles that appeal to Disney And Star Wars fans

That’s decades of Disney and Pixar in one series.


There are some lovely Hot Wheels options available on Amazon. You can for just $20 Get five iconic vehicles from various Disney and Pixar movies. The collection includes replica cars from Toy Story, Brave, Onward, and 101 Dalmatians, all wrapped in a special commemorative box for that extra collectible touch.

Prefer to go to infinity and beyond? Then there is one Buzz Lightyear pack At your disposal, there are five vehicles inspired by Spaceman himself, Izzy, Sox, Zorg and Cyclops. Normally $23, this set is discounted to $15. For fans of the Star Wars prequels, you can Pick up a three-pack of small spaceships For your collection of course, they don’t have wheels, but they do have separate bases to make spaceships like the Sith Infiltrator, Republic Gunship, and Jedi Interceptor look like they’re in mid-flight.

Finally, there is Another set of spaceships to collect, based on Disney’s recent Lightyear movie, which played a very different version of Buzz Lightyear. This set of three starships includes an XL-15, an XL-1 and a Zorg warship with movie-accurate detail.

As a bonus, check this out A collection of Forza Hot Wheels cars. Exclusive to Amazon, the five-pack is currently on sale for $30. In keeping with the game theme, you still have a few days to save over 50% on Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, a mixed reality racing game for PS5, PS4 and iOS.

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