The new Promised Neverland Manga box set is 25% off on Amazon

Imagine this scenario: a seemingly idyllic life where a small group of children are raised to be their best selves, spending their days learning, playing and enjoying good food in an orphanage run by a loving caretaker. . But in this paradise there is a dark secret that the children discover, forcing them to embark on a journey that will reveal the truth of the world around them. That’s the premise of The Promised Neverland, a dark fantasy series that you can read in one sitting thanks to this complete manga box set deal that came out last month.

never promised land

Written by Kayo Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu, all 20 volumes are available in one massive collection on Amazon. Normally $180, you can save 26% on this set and get it for just $134 right now. Along with all 20 paperbacks, you’ll get an exclusive booklet and a double-sided full-color poster to complete the collection.

We won’t say much about the story, because being blind is really the best, but if you like fantasy manga, this series is definitely worth checking out. The art is exquisitely detailed and wonderfully creepy when it needs to be. The story moves at a fast pace. And the journey that the actors go on is full of incredible lows and highs. The Promised Neverland, which received critical acclaim during its original run, also received an animated series that did well in adapting the manga for television screens.

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