The Complete Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Box Set is over 50% off on Amazon for Black Friday

Exclusive to Amazon Dragon Ball Z Season 1 to 9 Collector’s Box The collection is currently on sale for Black Friday 2023 for just $US99 ($190). This set was released in August and this is the best price ever for the set.

This collection contains the complete 291-episode run of the Dragon Ball Z animated series, starting with Goku’s duels against Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa during the first season of the Saiyan Saga, and ending with the Buu Saga in the ninth season. Each season comes in its own Blu-ray box set with unique cover art based on the season’s story arc, and all nine cases are included inside the set box.

Dragon Ball Z Season 1-9 Collector’s Box

Since this box is exclusive to Amazon, you won’t find this deal anywhere else. However, we do not know how long the discount will be available nor how long it will be in stock, so we recommend that you purchase the set as soon as possible if you wish. Alternatively, you can find all the Dragon Balls and wish them back in stock, but that’s a less reliable strategy.

Getting the entire Dragon Ball Z series on Blu-ray for just $99 is pretty cool, but don’t forget that DBZ came before it. The original Dragon Ball series following that Super dragon ball And Dragon Ball GT, You can watch all of them through Amazon Prime Video, as well as many movies like Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, And Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Dragon Ball Super is also available via Crunchyroll Amazon Prime Video premium channel.

Although Amazon’s Dragon Ball Z box set is certainly the most notable Black Friday deal for the anime, there are other offers as well. We’ve listed the best Dragon Ball anime deals below. You can also save a lot on manga, with Dragon Ball 16 Volume Box Set $83 off ($140) And Dragon Ball Z 26 volume box set It fell to $124 ($220). You should also check out Amazon’s free B2G1 sale on books and movies, which includes tons of anime and manga.

Dragon Ball Z animation deals

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