The best Lego Disney and Pixar Black Friday deals, including Elsa’s Ice Castle from Frozen

Lego is for everyone nowadays. For Black Friday, Lego is selling several Disney and Pixar-themed sets that range from a few hundred to a few thousand pieces. Our list covers sets for preschool and work-age LEGO fans, so read through the list to see which ones will work for you (or your loved ones). After all, what could be a toy for an elementary school student could be home decor for an older fan. Here are some highlights to get you started.

Disney Frozen Ice Castle It is one of the most challenging sets on sale. The Ice Castle, Elsa’s runaway home from Frozen, includes a 25.5-inch-tall replica of the castle, recreated down to tiny ice baubles. It’s currently 20% off, plus a free winter stall set gift for those who order direct from the store. Lego website. If you prefer a nautical themed set (or a much shorter building), The Little Mermaid Royal Fold Includes a 12.5-inch folding clamshell decorated with undersea details such as seaweed, coral and fish.

Frozen Ice Castle comes with free set

Target has two exclusive deals on collectibles: Disney villains And Disney Duos collectible figures. Instead of places like an ice castle or an oyster, the negative icon set features items like Snow White’s poisoned apple from classic Disney movies. Collectible figures, on the other hand, are just that: Lego figures of Disney and Pixar characters that you have to put together by hand. Includes Cogsworth, Lumiere, Pua, Hei Hei, Nemo, Squirt, Percy and Meeko.

Last but not least, Mickey Mouse wall decor set A perfect piece for adult Disney fans looking for home decor. However, you have to love building Legos: it’s over 2,600 (tiny) pieces, so you’ll spend a lot of time putting it together before you can hang it on your wall. If you’re not looking to build, get it at a discount from Amazon and Walmart.

Here’s our full list of the best Lego deals from Disney and Pixar for Black Friday this holiday season:

Duplos, the line of LEGO building toys for toddlers, is also on sale for the holiday season. With these simple sets, you can play with Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures on the train, with Donald and his friends at camp.

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