Sega was accused of retaliating against the union with mass firings

Sega of America workers say the publisher is behind persona, yakuzaand more popular game franchises are trying to outdo them In retaliation for the alliance. A new unfair labor practice lawsuit filed by the Communications Workers of America accuses Sega of forcing employees to attend a meeting where they were told their jobs would be moved to Japan and Europe, not To bargain directly with the union over layoffs.

On November 6, Sega submitted a proposal to the Sega United Improvement Employees Union (AEGIS-CWA) to “phase out” all temporary workers by February 2024 – many of whom are in quality assurance and localization. union, which was formed earlier this yearcurrently represents more than 200 employees in marketing, sales, product development and other departments.

The layoffs affect 40 percent of the group, or roughly 80 unionized employees. However, instead of bargaining with the union over the changes, Sega proceeded to deliver the news directly to employees in a mandatory meeting that potentially violated rules against companies negotiating directly with unionized employees, rather than with the union. itself, violates

Elise Willaker, a senior quality tester at Sega, said in an emailed statement: “It’s disappointing to see such actions by Sega, as it definitely shows bad faith bargaining and a refusal to acknowledge.” Valuable contributions are a significant part of our colleagues. Kotaku. “We have filed an ‘unfair labor practice’ charge to protest Sega’s direct dealings with members and violation of the status quo by telling bargaining unit members that our work will soon end.

Sega did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The ULP will go to the National Labor Relations Board for review, but may not be resolved in time to avoid mass layoffs. The Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega is one of the largest unions ever formed in the video game industry and is unique in that it includes employees from a wide variety of roles rather than a specific department. Its bidding war with Sega comes amid major game publishers and studios across the industry Trying to cut costs and lay off people.

Sega will not be allowed to get away with this illegal behavior. We urge the company to make all temporary employees permanent and return to the bargaining table in good faith. “There is no other fair alternative,” Willacker wrote.

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