Save big on Destiny collectibles on Amazon before Black Friday

Destiny 2 isn’t just a great game, it’s also a great source of cool merchandise. While you won’t find any exclusive raid jackets on sale this Black Friday, you can pick up some nice ones with the wide range of official Destiny 2 gear available – literally! A number of these pieces are discounted as well, making for thoughtful gifts if you’ve got a Destiny 2 fan at home. On Amazon, you’ll find replica figurines, miniature recreations of some of the best weird armor in the game, and adorable plushies for sale.

Destiny 2 collectible figurines

The gang is all here.

These figurines have a nice combination of attractive prices, high detail and size. The most expensive item here, Sawathon, stands 11.5 inches tall and features the Witch Queen in all her wicked glory. It’s full of lovely details like Savaton’s huge wings, sharp smile, piercing blue eyes, and a friendly soldier base. Other collectibles here include Ghosts with one of the three Guardian subclass icons from the annual Guardian games, fan favorites like Drifter and Eris Morn, and a replica of the standard Ghost skin that accompanies you throughout the game.

Destiny 2 Velvet

It must be protected at all costs.
It must be protected at all costs.

For something more figure-hugging, you can’t go wrong with corduroy pants. These dolls are adorable and the Hive Worms, Fallen baby and Servitor are very good. They are perfect for when you need a sentimental collection.

Helmet 2

These shrunken helmets are not wearable unless your head is tragically small.These shrunken helmets are not wearable unless your head is tragically small.
These shrunken helmets are not wearable unless your head is tragically small.

While you’ll need a 3D printer for a full-sized Destiny 2 helmet, these mini replicas are the next best thing. The Celestial Nighthawk exotic hunter helmet has a sharp profile, while the Warlock Exotic Nezarec’s Sin is a classic helmet that looks as good today as it does in 2017. You can even pick up a replica of Crucible team leader Shaxx’s helmet, and yes, it is. In the sense of broken horn this is absolutely accurate!

Other Destiny 2 merchandise

Same, Drifter, same.Same, Drifter, same.
Same, Drifter, same.

Finally, there are some nice stockings on offer. You can decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments inspired by several Destiny 2 characters, dress up with a trendy hat, and protect your eyes with some polarized lenses that feature the Destiny 2 logo.

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