My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to Doom! – Chaos Pirates

What are you waiting for, dealing with pirates!? A romantic comedy about the evil girl of love and destruction that begins on a ship! Catalina Klass has a memory of her previous life as a high school girl. In the world of the otome game “Fortune Lover” she was in love with the main character and the ending was that she was reincarnated as an evil girl with only a future of exile or death, but she managed to avoid destruction. Endgame For some reason, Catalina, who along with her brother-in-law Keith will attend the extravaganza of Vinklem’s luxury yacht, joins the members of the student body who have also come as invited guests and gracefully crosses the sea. slow . However, such a good time will be brought down by a sudden pirate attack. Vincrum was kidnapped by pirates and Catalina was placed under house arrest. And it seems to have something to do with it [Catarina’s ruin episode that was not adopted in the main story] which is published in the book of “Ashq Bakht” fans…? This resurrection is a ruined flag that should have been saved! ?? Can Catalina safely return to Solcie Kingdom?

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