Microsoft employees will lose free Game Pass benefits next year

UPDATE 03/11/2023 6:20 PM ET: threshold reports Xbox boss Phil Spencer has reversed his decision to end free Game Pass Ultimate access for Microsoft’s non-Xbox employees. Spencer wrote in an internal memo:

After reviewing this further with the team, I just want to confirm that there will be no changes to Game Pass availability in 2024. If you have access to the Game Pass offer today, you will still have access to it. I appreciate the time it took to get up to speed and I’m sorry for the questions and confusion. And thanks for supporting xbox.

The main story follows.

Working at Microsoft gives you good benefits. One of those perks, free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate The subscriptions are going away next year, and the tech giant’s employees are reportedly not happy about it. Employees were so upset that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer had to step in and address the situation.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a damn good deal that offers players a huge library of new and old video games that they can play on PC, Xbox, and cloud streaming. This service has millions of subscribers thanks to great games like Starfield It landed on Game Pass on day one. and with Activision’s games are likely to make their way to a Netflix-like service in the future– After buying Microsoft from call of duty Publisher – Game Pass is about to become a better deal. Of course, if you don’t have to pay for Game Pass at all, really Really Good deal, but it looks like Microsoft’s employee bonus is going away soon.

November 2 report of threshold Microsoft is removing the free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefit for most of its 200,000 permanent employees, it claims. This privilege will expire in January 2024. Microsoft employees will reportedly be able to purchase 12-month Game Pass plans from the company’s employee store. But that’s not enough for frustrated tech company employees who learned of the change earlier this week.

sources say threshold Most Xbox employees will continue to receive free Game Pass. This benefit will only be removed for non-Xbox employees at Microsoft.

According to reports, some Microsoft employees started complaining on the company’s internal message forum. The posts eventually prompted Xbox boss Phil Spencer to respond, telling upset employees that he wasn’t aware of the change and would rather remove the benefit.

This benefit, which will be removed in 2024, will probably hurt even more given that it is in July. The price of Game Pass Ultimate jumped From $15 per month to $17 per month. Hopefully impressed employees will continue to enjoy other cool perks like, I don’t know… a free Office365 subscription or fun Clippy t-shirts? New stock old Zunes?


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