Hitman Devs had to convince Bond owners that the game was not an FPS

An image showing the cover art of Goldeneye on the N64.

Image: Nintendo / Eon Productions / Rare

We’ve known IO Interactive for a while now, the studio behind the scenes extraordinaire hitman Games, Working on a new one James Bond Play. And while that team looks like a whole new race Relationship, discipline It seems that this game is too late, according to IOI, the team had to reassure the people who own the Spy franchise that it is not going to make another FPS in order to convince them to hand over the rights.

Golden Eye 007 The Nintendo 64 is one of the most famous and popular video games in history. It popularized FPS games on consoles. It sold more than eight million copiesAnd it led to dozens of FPS games similar to James Bond. I would argue that the games helped grow the franchise’s audience. With all that said, you’d think Eon Productions — the folks who own the Bond franchise — would be excited about a new game based on their beloved spy. But according to the developers behind it, that wasn’t the case – and you can be blamed golden eye for that

In the latest edition Marginal, decentralized Journal, As by Radar GamesIO Interactive’s co-owners Hakan Abrak and Christian Elverdam talked about how it’s still in development. 007 Game, detail your vision for the project. But the duo also explained that it took a lot of convincing for Eon Productions to sign on to the project, as Bond’s owners didn’t want another “action-oriented” FPS.

“That was clearly our vision [at the time] They weren’t looking for a game. And I think it’s fair that they might not be super happy with some of the later games.

Co-owners IO Interactive put Eon Productions on a James Bond game that was less. golden eye And more about being a stealth spy. Lorddam explained that its game to Eon is focused on how 007 This project is about getting in and out of a place without causing too much collateral damage or engaging in violence unless necessary. In other words, IO Interactive’s project won’t be about Bond running down endless corridors carrying 20 guns and shooting anyone he comes across. 007 Games made in the last 20 years instead, it seems that it is much more similar to hitman Games where violence is often a last resort and stealth gameplay is king.

said Lordam Marginal, decentralized that this approach “helped [IO Interactive] Convince Evan that there’s complexity in how we approach agent fantasy.” That seems to have been enough to get the green light and let IO Relationship, discipline project and to be honest, after too many games Relationship, discipline Shooters, I can’t wait for more stealth spy game. I have said before IOI is the best developer to make a modern 007 game and I can’t wait to see what the studio is working on when they finally reveal more about it. Project 007.


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