All the best fan remakes, from Lego to Roblox

GTA 6 trailer but on ROBLOX! Every time I see the gameplay roblox I have the same reaction: Is this how the game is supposed to be? Do people play this? Is it popular? Are you all just trolling me? And, yes, I had that reaction once again watching this trailer, but shout out to […]

All Lego Fortnite Recipes – Crafting, Cooking, Building, And More

In Lego Fortnite you will unlock many recipes as you play. These recipes can be used at different crafting machines to build various items, with more recipes being unlocked as you find new materials. Once you have found all of the needed materials for a craft, the recipe is automatically unlocked. Some recipes are locked […]

Lego Fortnite Fast Travel doesn’t exist yet, but you can travel fast

Lego Fortnite has attracted millions of players since its launch a week ago, but the game is still in its early stages. It’s shockingly polished for an all-new game in 2023, but it’s also kind of a poor overall experience right now, with no obstacles to a long-term endgame. There’s a lot to enjoy here, […]

The largest LEGO collection is on sale at a huge discount on Amazon

If you’ve ever felt like expressing yourself with Lego—and probably got a case of wanderlust in the process—this Lego Art World Map is a great project to work on. Normally $250, you can save $100 on this impressive piece of art Amazon Apply the full discount by clicking the coupon box below the price. Also […]