Dungeons And Dragons star Chris Pine is “pretty sure” a sequel will be made

With a spell of confidence, Chris Pine believes a sequel to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves could happen. And if so, the actor who played the bard Edgin Dravis in the fantasy film wants to return for another adventure. talk to Radar Games, Pine talked about the possibilities of Dungeons & Dragons 2. “I’ve […]

Modern Warfare 3 Devs worked nights and weekends to ship the sequel

Image: Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIThe single-player campaign was panned by critics when it was released on November 2. Low scores And said that it feels short, rushed and incomplete. now Bloomberg reports That game was over in a hurry in half time call of duty Finally, with programmers working nights and weekends […]

The Black Phone Calling Back for a sequel in 2025

Universal and Blumhouse will return for a second time with a sequel to the horror film The Black Phone in 2021. Variety reports that both companies are counting on “launching a sinister new franchise.” The sequel is scheduled to premiere in June 2025. “Black Phone” starred Ethan Hawke as a child killer named Grabber and […]

It follows due to a sequel more than a decade later

More than a decade later, David Robert Mitchell is making his long-awaited follow-up to the horror film It Follows, They Follows. The Hollywood Reporter It noted that Tom Quinn’s (Parasite) Neon Studios is producing a sequel, which is expected to shoot next year. They Follow will once again star Micah Monroe as Jay Heath, who […]