Madame Web is not off to a good start at the box office

Sony’s newest Spider-Man spin-off, Madame Web, is in theaters now, and it’s off to a slow start. The film opened in the United States on February 14, grossing $6 million on its opening day and $2.2 million on Thursday for a two-day total of $8.2 million. The Hollywood Reporter. By comparison, the Bob Marley biopic […]

Video game movies and TV shows finally got good in 2023

While 2023 was certainly a good year for movies and TV shows in general (unless you’re the Marvel Cinematic Universe), it was a pretty good year for adaptations of our favorite video game franchises. As a prime example, Nintendo and Illumination Studios’ The Super Mario Bros. was released in April. It was hard to know […]

Tom Holland says he’ll only do Spider-Man 4 if it’s good enough

Tom Holland has given an update on his next Spider-Man movie, and it doesn’t sound too sure at this point. At a recent Critics’ Choice press conference, he said that he and his team have been “actively engaged” on what another Spider-Man movie might look like, but nothing has been decided yet. “Whether or not […]