Yes, Christopher Nolan loves Fast and Furious movies as much as you do

Christopher Nolan has weighed in with his thoughts on the Fast & Furious franchise. Some say Fast & Furious is their “guilty pleasure,” but Nolan said The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he has “no guilt” that he is a fan of the franchise (via Variety). He said that Fast & Furious is a […]

Lego Fortnite Fast Travel doesn’t exist yet, but you can travel fast

Lego Fortnite has attracted millions of players since its launch a week ago, but the game is still in its early stages. It’s shockingly polished for an all-new game in 2023, but it’s also kind of a poor overall experience right now, with no obstacles to a long-term endgame. There’s a lot to enjoy here, […]