Flank farm

Flunky Farm is an arena game where 30 players are tested by mad scientist Dr. Tirolero, who is looking for the perfect Lucky for his plans for world domination. Players must choose from unique characters with a unique skill set. Each hit received makes the player “lighter” and throws more and more. The main goal […]

Cave digger 2

The border has its secrets and hides them well. Follow the footsteps of treasure hunter Clayton to discover the strange history of the valley and the caves below. Explore ancient mines, sea caves, the ruins of an ancient civilization and discover pages of tales of greed, eldritch power and mysteries beyond space and time. Will […]


You are a very skilled and sharp astrobiologist named Yesna. Engaged in a space race, you and your crew travel to the unknown planet Regis III. This scientific expedition quickly turns into a search mission for the missing crew. Discover amazing scientific phenomena in a cosmic and philosophical adventure set in terrifying landscapes. Discover bits […]