The state of PC gaming handhelds shows a bright future

Last year, Valve irrevocably changed PC gaming with the launch of Steam Deck. The portable PC platform certainly wasn’t the first effort of its kind, but with Valve’s engineering experience and tight integration with Steam, it quickly became the go-to device for a powerful and reliable gaming experience on the go. The timing couldn’t have […]

The Last Of Us is GameSpot’s TV Show of 2023

It was 2014 when the first adaptation of The Last of Us was announced. Screen Gems, the studio behind all the Resident Evil movies and dozens of other horror movies, was set to bring The Last of Us to the big screen. Of course, this never happened. Instead, the movie ended up being a TV […]

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom flounders but doesn’t quite sink

in a moment Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomthe characters are running through a mutant jungle chased by lion-sized cockroaches while avoiding violence. man-eating plants. in another moment, Multiple characters Standing around, their hair flowing wildly, they deliver wooden dialogue that is almost as painful for them to say as it is for us to hear. […]