The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Downward Spiral Kicked Into High Gear In 2023

It’s official: The Marvels is the worst-performing MCU movie ever, making even less than Black Adam, DC’s similarly poor performer from last fall. Over the last decade and a half, Marvel has proven to be hugely popular, with its biggest movies among the highest earning films of all time. Meanwhile, The Marvels star Brie Larson […]

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Review – A better ending than the DCEU deserves

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a film that seems to have a lot of baggage, whether it’s the last film in the DC universe to feature Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, conflicting reports about which Batman will appear, rumors of Amber Heard Relationship drama with Johnny Depp eventually pushed her to the brink, etc. […]

Overwatch 2 in 2023 was full of ups and downs

In 2023, Blizzard opened OverwatchThe world for third-party collaborations. The first was a collection of skin and other cosmetics Based on the anime/manga One punch manwhich turned out to be natural OverwatchHis “one punch man”, Doomfist, to the title hero with a new skin. Chanel is gorgeous, but she’s not the only hero to cosplay […]