Xbox exclusive chaos and more from the week’s biggest gaming news

Image caption Xbox exclusive Anarchy, Suicide Squad leaks, and more from the week's biggest gaming news

screen shot: Bethesda, Microsoft, Rocksteady / WB game, Picture: Kotaku / Apple / Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB (Stock shutter), Jeff Spicer (Getty Images), Image: Xbox / Kotaku / lassedesignen (Stock shutter), Paramount+ / 343 Industries, Bethesda, Sega, io9/James Whitbrook

This week was especially notable for gaming news, as reports suggested that Xbox exclusives are being loved Starfield They may soon make their way to other platforms. That in itself generated enough rumors and speculation to fuel a week’s worth of news cycles, and we’ve collected the details and reactions here. But that hardly brought us all this week. We also have stories about promising startups haloThe second season (i.e. TV show), a suicide squad The leak came from an unlikely source, and some buyers of Apple’s new Vision Pro headset feel like it’s missing a key feature. Read the most important game stories of the week.

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