The late Kevin Conroy isn’t done with Batman yet – report

Kevin Conroy’s death in 2022 left a bat-shaped void in the hearts of a generation of fans who defined Batman for 30 years. A few weeks after his passing, it was announced that he would reprise his Arkham Batman for the final time in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Squad. This theory was Conroy’s last time as Batman, but a recent report says otherwise.

IGN Conroy actually recorded two more roles before his death, reported Wednesday. One of them is the long-awaited series Batman: Caped Crusader, which was hidden in Max but bought by Prime Video. We’re not sure if Conroy will be Bruce Timm this time around for another installment of Batman: The Animated Series, however, he will be playing Batman in DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths: Part 3.

The first part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths trilogy was released earlier this month, and we are still waiting for the release dates for parts 2 and 3.

So while it’s true that Kill The Justice League is Conroy’s last video game outing, he still has two more games for fans, even if it’s bittersweet.

Conroy has provided the voice of Batman in several video games, the first being Batman and Robin on the Sega CD. He also voiced characters in Max Payne series, Jack and Daxter and Lords of Everquest.

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