The Hobbit graphic novel is out in February, pre-orders are now live

The Hobbit is one of the most beloved fantasy novels of all time, and now, nearly 90 years later, it’s been given new life as a graphic novel. The Hobbit: A Graphic Novel It’s a bold reimagining of the iconic ride and is now available for pre-order February 27 Setting up.

A Kindle version Also available for $13. Both the paperback and Kindle formats will be released on February 27th.

More Tolkien’s later books

Middle Earth history box set
Middle Earth history box set

Several other Middle-earth-related books are currently up for pre-order, including; History of Middle-earth Box Set #1 For $112 (reduced from $125). This deluxe hardcover collection includes The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Book of Lost Tales Part 1 and The Book of Lost Tales Part 2. It’s coming out on February 6th, so if you want something to read while you wait for the graphic novel to arrive, check it out.

After the first box is packed, you can pre-order History of Middle-earth box set #2which comes out on April 2 and includes The Lays of Beleriand, The Shaping of Middle-earth and The Lost Road. You will find too Maps of Middle Earth for pre-order, which includes images from John Howe – who served as lead concept designer for the Lord of the Rings films.

Not sold in any of the above pre-orders? Here’s a look at some Tolkien deals you might be able to get your hands on by next week.

Tolkien’s best deals

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