The breakup season 2 filming resumes after Hollywood attacks, see teaser image

Apple’s hit TV show Severance is in production for Season 2. The series’ official social media pages announced the return to production, and director/producer Ben Stiller announced: “Back to work.”

In the first image, we see Adam Scott’s character, Mark, running down the hall in a suit. We can only imagine what he’s running to or from, but the show is full of people and situations where we can imagine Scott’s character’s fear.

Severance premiered in February 2022 and quickly became a hit, earning 14 Emmy nominations and eventually winning a pair.

The show centers on a fictional biotech company called Lumon Industries, where employees agree to a “break” where their memories of work and home are separate. Obviously, things go wrong and there is evil. Season 1 ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, so fans are eager for the show to return.

Filming on season 2 was originally set to begin in May 2023, but was quickly shut down – along with countless other productions – due to the Hollywood labor strikes.

In addition to Scott, Severance stars Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, Tramell Tillman and John Turturro. Season 2 adds new cast members such as Gwendoline Christie, John Noble, Ali Shawkat and Merritt Voor.

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