The best collection of crazy anime is coming to Blu-ray soon, pre-orders are live now

Finally, the original Berserk anime adaptation is finally in print, with a new Blu-ray release coming out on March 26th. While other — and incredibly terrifying — Berserk series are available on Blu-ray, the 1997 anime has long been regarded as the best of the bunch for its dark fantasy setting, unrelenting brutality, and emotionally devastating moments. Available on Crunchyroll, the The pre-order of this Blu-ray version has been reduced from $60 to $45 And it comes with lots of cool extras. Alternatively, you can Pre-order Berserk on Amazon. It’s currently $60, but will likely be discounted by the time your order ships.

Set in a world of swords, sorcery and terrifying monsters, Berserk is a captivating tale of fate and destiny, heartbreak and betrayal. Created by the late Kentaro Miurai and spanning decades of seasons, Berserk is often regarded as one of the greatest anime series of all time due to its dark story and stunning animation. This is a show that you Certainly You don’t want your kids to see, and while it makes some changes to the saga, it’s still a faithful adaptation.

If you’re looking for something crazier, don’t miss out on the great deluxe editions, the big, beautiful hardcover editions that give the manga the awesome treatment it deserves.

Berserk Manga Deluxe Editions

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