The adorable BrickHeadz Shadow And Knuckles LEGO set is now available

In the last state of the game, Sega announced Sonic x Shadow Generations, a remastered and expanded version of the original Sonic Generations. Coinciding with the first game, Lego has released a new set of BrickHeadz collectible figures. Knuckles and shadows. Best of all, you don’t have to wait to get your hands on the adorable duo, as this collection is available now. With sonic And tail BrickHeadz are now available, now you can display the entire gang on your shelf.

When you finish making Shadow and Knuckles, choose sonic And tail BrickHeadz to complete your collection. Priced at just $10 each, they are made up of less than 150 pieces and feature the same whimsical style. Sonic the Hedgehog Lego BrickHeadz figures are exclusive to the LEGO Store.

For something different, Lego also offers it Knuckles Guardian Mechanic– Includes Rouge and Knuckles minifigures, plus a buildable glider and mech. Like Knuckles & Shadow BrickHeadz, this is a new release – and it’s sure to be popular, so collect it while you can.

Looking for more LEGO Sonic sets? You can check out other collections there Official Lego website. Interested in picking up more BrickHeadz for your playroom or home office? Here’s a look at some of our favorites beyond Sonic (including Spider-Man, Star Wars, and a wide array of Disney characters).

If you Spend $75 or more at the LEGO Store Order by February 14th and you’ll receive the Buildable Love Gift Box, a cute little set to give to your significant other.

The best Lego BrickHeadz

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