Some retailers may stop selling physical Xbox games

Keeping up is a nightmare in the gaming industry, especially as About 87% of retro games are dying out fast Over time and Many recent games are unofficially killed off For reasons… it looks like things may get worse before they get better, as there are now signs that some European retail stores are no longer stocking their shelves with physical Xbox games due to low sales.

During the conversation between EIC James Batchelor and Site President Chris Dring were asked about his thoughts on Microsoft’s latest round of layoffs on the Jan. 30 episode of Game Industry Microcast. From Nearly 2,000 workers were fired from the company They were on January 25 People are reportedly responsible for bringing Xbox games to physical retail. Dring gave his two cents on the issue, stating that “several retailers” no longer sell Xbox discs.

“So, just before Christmas I was told by a major publisher that across Europe several retailers had started to just stop listing Xbox,” Dring said. So they just stopped releasing xbox games because xbox is so much a digital console now that the physical performance of xbox games is really low, and finally when you sell a console most people just download for that game. It really doesn’t make much sense for the retailer. Hardware margin is often very low.

“I couldn’t confirm that,” Dring continued. I couldn’t find out which retailers these were, but it was a senior European publisher who told me this. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these things, yes, Xbox moves away from physical. But really, I don’t think physical retailers care. You know, they might sell controllers and things like that, but at the end of the day, Xbox is very digital. When you think of PCs and mobiles being digital dominant, Xbox isn’t far behind.

Kotaku Microsoft has been contacted for comment.

While those of us who grew up with physical copies of the originals may find this potential change surprising, we also feel like things have been going this way for a while. Many Xbox games, such as Hi-Fi RushFor now, they are only digital. and some of the biggest versions of this console, As Alan Wick II and the future Hellblade II: The Saga of Senua, abandoning physical discs for an all-digital existence. With reports that It looks like Xbox plans to update the Series X disc drive in November 2024.we should probably prepare for fewer box games in the future, and this will hit.

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